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   Jenna Arias Founder /Owner of
Ancient Escape Healing  Arts LLC

Jenna has been a wellness practitioner for over 15 years working in the spa/wellness industry.

An Esthetician, Massage therapist, Ryt200, Light worker, and Aerial instructor.

As a Massage Therapist Jenna believes every client requires a customized therapeutic treatment approach that changes from time to time.

As an Esthetician Jenna focuses on educating clients about their skin, helping them achieve their best skin care routines and customizing treatment plans.

  I encourage my clients to be disciplined with their skincare regimen. 

Night time routines and Sunscreen daily are vital.


Providing soul-enriching services that emphasize on healing. We are committed to providing a positive space with a supportive community .

 Weekly Aerial Yoga, Restorative, meditation and Dance fitness classes!

Beginners are always welcome / no prior experience is required.  Get started today! Sign up for an intro Aerial class .

Classes established by Jenna Arias. Her Aerial Fitness program is adapted from several teacher trainings and includes Aerial yoga, (Restorative) Peaceful cocoon, Aerial Pilates, Aerial Sling, Aerial Flips n Tricks, A Floating Guided Meditation at the end of every Aerial Session.

Ayurveda & Wellness Certified

 Licensed Aesthetician, Massage Therapist, RYT 200, Lead Aerial Instructor , Reiki Master.
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By submitting this Waiver Form  I acknowledge that participation in
suspension classes or any other exercise class exposes me to a
possible risk of personal injury. I am fully aware of this risk and
hereby release Ancient Escape Healing Arts, LLC from any and
all liability, negligence, or other claims arising from, or in any way
connected with, my participation in this andany other exercise clas.

Aerial Yoga Release Form
    Ancient Escape Healing Arts, LLC

I further acknowledges that I shall not now, or at any time
in the future, bring any legal action against Jenna Arias and/
or Ancient Escape Healing Arts, LLC;

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